Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Plain Jane - Book 2 by Odette C. Bell

Book 1 introduced the main characters of plain Jane and dashing and handsome Galactic Enforcement Officer, Lucas Stone. Story follows these 2 characters until they finally meet and change the course of their futures. In book 1 Jane finds out that she is the last of the Paran race and the only one with the ability to control the most powerful and technologically advanced 'Guards' created in the history of the Galaxy.

After a surprise ending...Book 2 continues with Jane's quest to find out more about her race as well as herself. And while her and Lucas work together to gain this information, it is also up them to save the entire Galaxy from an evil and highly evolved race called the Darq. The Darq are assisted by a secret organisation called the Krill.

It's nice to see the characters all growing and I just knew there would a nice little surprise at the end like the last book.

I can't wait until the 3rd instalment is released sometime in December according to the author. It's also nice to see that the author's writing is becoming more solid and easier to read. While still littered with spelling and grammatical errors, the story is intriguing and the errors can be by-passed easily.

This book is downloadable on iTunes for both Australian and American readers and also at Barnes & Noble for American readers.

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